We make sure your staff receive their pay and wages information on time every pay day - and that you are fully compliant with HMRC regulations. You avoid having to keep up to date with constant changes concerning statutory sick pay, maternity and paternity benefits, working tax credits, national insurance, etc.  You also don’t have the costs of buying and updating expensive payroll software. 



     We deliver a quality service at a competitive price. Bringing everything you would

     expect from a payroll provider, our service will suit companies who operate a weekly,          fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly payroll.

     Our service is all-inclusive. There will be no requirement for any payroll, HR or IT

     staff to be involved in payroll provision.

     We take total responsibility for the management and application of all legislative

     changes affecting your payroll.

​     We provide tailored reports to meet your specific business requirements.

Payroll Services

RTI (Real Time Information) is a new payroll reporting system which was introduced by HMRC in April 2013 and involves the submission of employee pay related information at the time of payment rather than at year end. HMRC's principle aim of the move to RTI was to support the introduction of Universal Credits in October 2013. This was also a necessary precurser to Auto Enrolement.



Here's a brief summary of the submissions HMRC require from employers:


Employers Alignment Submission (EAS)

If you need to submit an EAS, HMRC will let you know, but it's mostly for larger businesses (more than 250 employees).


Full Payment Submission (FPS)

You'll need to submit an FPS to HMRC every time you pay your employees. This is the most common submission and contains details of employee payments & deductions. HMRC will use this to calculate how much PAYE and NIC is due. 


Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

The EPS is used to notify HMRC of any reductions to totals already submitted, or if no payment is due to be made. The submission should be made before your monthly or quarterly payment is due.


National Insurance Verification Request

NVR submissions allow you to validate an employee's NI number or request one if you don't have it. This submission can be made at any time you need.


Office Number: 01924 477446     M: 07546 272211     E: arif@aac-ca.co.uk